"With ZAP Data Hub, we are able to make decisions immediately, based on information that was previously impossible to access"

Bluefish Technologies and ZAP Case Study

Industry: Manufacturing
Website: www.valid.com
Requirements: Quick access to data, better visibility of customer/supplier data
Data Sources: ERP data

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Bluefish Technologies and ZAP Case Study



Bluefish Technologies is a smartcard manufacturer and wireless value added solution provider. It is the fastest growing smartcard supplier in the world. Its key focus is Research and Development coupled with innovative products and services.

Founded in 2004, the company’s products included a full range of SIM cards, VAS solutions like Automatic Subscriber Activation (ASA), Mobile payments, Mobile advertising platform (MAd), M2M and NFC products. Bluefish’s strategy includes an eco-friendly approach to minimize carbon footprint through biodegradable and recycled packaging options.

Bluefish Technologies include a Card Manufacturing plant in Taiwan with a production capacity of 300 million SIMs per annum. With a footprint that includes offices in Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific and the Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) regions.


Prior to using ZAP Data Hub, Bluefish was utilizing the raw data from their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for budgeting and credit risk-management. This was a time-consuming and often inaccurate process.

With each region around the globe inputting their budgeting details, Bluefish needed a way to access all of this information quickly to make better informed decisions about the business.


Bluefish Technologies purchased ZAP Data Hub to provide them with a faster, easier and more accurate way to manage their budgeting and credit-risk process. They were able to implement ZAP quickly, and with the new solution in place, Group Director, Thomas Hoffman is now receiving automatic notifications about potential risk for specific customers, projects and products.

Additionally, ZAP has allowed Bluefish to improve the way they manage their customer relationships, with the ability to understand both individual customers and their customer base as a whole. The company can now accurately determine each customer’s financial position and use that insight to quickly make a decision about the risk involved taking a new large order from a customer and manage cash flow as the business grows.

The same capability has also been extended to Bluefish’s relationships with their suppliers. With greater insight provided thanks to ZAP, Bluefish is able to make better decisions about where and when to place orders with suppliers, while simultaneously managing credit risk and supplier performance.


Bluefish has already seen tremendous return on their ZAP Data Hub investment in time savings, and financial visibility. The improvement in their business processes and business engagements has also encouraged Bluefish to implement BI for management reporting and Key Performance Indicators for the more operational parts of the business including inventory management.


  • Rapid Setup: ZAP was able to deliver instant results for Bluefish Technologies.
  • User Friendly: Bluefish employees around the world are able to use ZAP and now better manage their budgeting and credit risk management.
  • Unsurpassed Support: Having the ability to understand each customer’s position allows Bluefish to make instant, informed decisions regarding potential credit risks.

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