“I was able to build a BI practice utilizing ZAP Data Hub without the need for SSIS or SSAS and a huge development team.”

Physician Partners of America and ZAP Case Study
Industry: Healthcare
Website: www.physicianpartnersofamerica.com
Requirements: Big data management, data which could be extracted easily
Data Sources: MS Dynamics CRM & AX

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Physician Partners of America and ZAP Case Study



Physician Partners of America is a healthcare management organization for owned and operated pain clinics, urgent care facilities, pharmacies, and primary care establishments.

Their mission is to bridge medicine and business and deliver impeccable service to their physicians, patients, and stakeholders.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and with all of their entities currently located in Texas, January 2016 will see expansion within Florida. Their corporate strategy also places them in various other states by mid 2016.


As a relatively new organization, PPOA needed to build a BI practice that didn’t require SSIS or SSAS and a huge development team. They also needed to find a tool that could not only act as a modeling solution for multiple data sources, but also had a user-friendly presentation layer.

With several disparate sources of data including Suite RX pharmacy software, Avalon lab software, Greenway Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software as well as Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM-PPOA had their work cut out for them in terms of managing their massive amounts of data.

In addition to being able to manage their data, PPOA required the ability to extract data specifically from their EMR system and Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM in order to build metrics around the profitability of their practices. The inability to extract and compare this data was preventing them from being able to make their entities more efficient.



With ZAP Data Hub, PPOA was able to get the metrics they required to run their business and keep their IT budget and team relatively lean.

With ZAP, PPOA found that they wouldn’t need to hire costly SQL Server developers to build their cubes-ZAP Data Hub could provide that functionality out of the box-modeling their various data sources and then creating a single hypercube from which they could then utilize pre-packaged reports to become immediately more efficient.



  • Data Management: ZAP Data Hub enabled PPOA to bring together all of their data sources including their disparate and legacy data into a single data layer.
  • Reporting: With ZAP’s out of the box analytics, PPOA was able to report on the data they needed to drive their business.
  • ROI: PPOA has estimated in the first year alone of using ZAP, they have saved over $500,000 as compared to what they would have spent had they gone with a custom-built business intelligence solution.

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