“After having used ZAP for a year now, I can attest that this product should be an optional module to bundle with AX.”

Ranir and ZAP Case Study
Industry: Manufacturing/Healthcare
Website: www.ranir.com
Requirements: Cost effective solution, Good visibility, easy-to-access data
Data Sources: ZAP Data Hub for Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Ranir and ZAP Case Study



As a global leader in oral and personal healthcare products, Ranir provides store brand and contract manufacturing services to their partners.

Through trust, teamwork and a commitment to delivering best-in-class products, Ranir has enjoyed valued, long-standing relationships with most of the major retailers throughout the world. From concept to shelf, Ranir’s dedicated research, development and manufacturing groups work in tandem with their customers every step of the way. The end result: a sustainable competitive advantage that helps Ranir’s customers win with their customers.


Ranir’s IT Director, Mike Willison, realized that Ranir had only seen the tip of the iceberg when it came to reporting issues. Compounding the problem was the fact that because Ranir doesn’t use every feature of AX, and as they would need to hire consultants to do the work or hire additional staff with extensive knowledge of the toolsets. After several costly and time consuming attempts utilizing standard SQLserver, Visual Studio and SSRS toolsets to extract the reports they were looking for, they happened upon ZAP.



Ranir was impressed by what they saw with ZAP. ZAP Data Hub’s seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX were exactly what they were looking for.

It’s been a year since Ranir purchased ZAP Data Hub and they continue to be very pleased with their purchase. It has allowed Ranir to generate all of the cubes required for their reports, KPI’s and dashboards, as well as handle any changes to the AOT (Application Object Tree) with ZAP Data Hub cubes being fully updated with minimal involvement from any human; in less than one week’s time.

ZAP’s easy-to-use interface also means that even Ranir’s non-technical people can learn to modify, update and deliver new reports.

Mike and his team can deliver KPI’s within AX through its SharePoint portal, and can deliver the same KPI’s outside of AX, through either SharePoint or through their enduser’s choice of devices (IOS, Android, etc.). In short, the benefit of ZAP Data Hub is that Mike can now deliver the value of their AX data to his stakeholders who are not required to use AX on a day-to-day basis. Between AX and ZAP, Ranir is truly unlocking the full potential of BI to deliver business intelligence to users at any level in the organization.



  • Allows employees across the organization build the reports they need
  • Extensive AX customizations were no problem for ZAP Data Hub
  • Ranir can now deliver all reports, KPIs and Dashboards, inside and outside the AX environment, and on their business users’ choice of devices.

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