Selling or consulting in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem?

ZAP is actively recruiting new sales partners in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, in all four of our regions: Americas, Europe, Middles East & Africa, and Asia Pacific. If you are working with the Microsoft Dynamics user community and are interested in expanding your cross-sell and up-sell revenues then please read on.

Partner with ZAP and Microsoft Dynamics

Here's the elevator pitch...

Analytics solutions for Microsoft Dynamics are the fastest, most cost-effective way to gain insight from all of the standard, custom and extended data in Microsoft Dynamics, as well as ISV add-ons, custom modules and related data sources such as additional ERP, CRM and finance systems.

Using ZAP Data Hub to quickly and efficiently build out a data warehouse, users then add their own choice of BI tool - for example Tableau, Qlik, Power BI, or ZAP's own. Power BI users will find a range of ready-made dashboards and analytics for ZAP Data Hub for Microsoft Dynamics - from accounts receivable to general ledger - for free trial in Microsoft AppSource.



The Commercial Opportunities: 

Check out the ZAP blog for a deep dive on the six compelling commercial reasons to become a ZAP Data Hub for Microsoft Dynamics reseller.



1) Increase Competitive Advantage

  • Build analytical assets which reflect your industry/vertical knowledge
  • Show analytics as a means of “winning over” chief decision makers
  • Compete robustly with other ERPs and their integrated analytics
  • Include “historical” data which might otherwise be forgotten
  • Support a path to a total view of the business, not just ERP, with multiple data sources
  • Revenue opportunities: ERP software and service, ZAP software and service




2) Grow Within your Customer

  • Move beyond the initial ERP deployment
  • Earn the opportunity to understand other business processes, starting with analytics
  • Move from implementer to advisor on the way technology influences your customers and its industry niche
  • Growing into other areas, defend your position and assure customer retention
  • Revenue Opportunities: ZAP software and deployment, expanded licensing and servicing from data sources




3) Build Out a BI Practice

  • Invest in a single set of skills which span the portfolio (multiple ERP lines) you service
  • Lift consultative expertise into 'Data and Analytics' roles
  • Use ZAP Data Hub as a common platform to drive more 'BI Practice' engagements
  • With C-Level relationships, why would you not want to apply staff to trusted advisor engagements?
  • Accelerate the 'Heavy Lifting' with ZAP Data Hub and keep the focus on the outcomes customers see and appreciate (Analytics and Reporting)




4) New Revenue from Old Customers

  • ZAP Data Hub represents 'New Business' with Old Customers
  • Older customers are still trying to wring every ounce of value out of their legacy investment
  • ZAP Data Hub can work for them today and wherever you go with them tomorrow
  • ZAP Data Hub brings servicing opportunities back and can even lead to ERP customization or expansion
  • Revenue Opportunities: ZAP software and deployment, ERP customization/expansion




5) Where New ERP Upgrades Begin

  • ZAP Data Hub ensures “data retention” is not an ERP Upgrade issue
  • ZAP Data Hub allows for the pre/during/post measurement from both the original ERP and the newly chosen one
  • ZAP Data Hub supports the hybrid nature of data where original ERPs might be “On Premises” and new ERPs might be “In the Cloud”
  • Most Partners aspire to be there when the customer needs servicing for upgrades and migrations; ZAP Data Hub ensures you will




6) Make Cloud Part of the Conversation

  • Are customers dubious of cloud offerings, or don't yet have a great use case? ZAP Data Hub can fix this
  • Maybe as a consultancy, you are offering your own cloud. ZAP Data Hub can integrate with or run upon your cloud
  • Often, ZAP Data Hub is an easy way to start the customers on the path towards the cloud environment you want your customers to be on
  • Revenue Opportunities: cloud, partner hosting, ZDH software and service



Who is ZAP? We're the "start-up with heritage"...

Founded in 2001, ZAP is a global software company headquartered in London, with offices worldwide. ZAP Data Hub is used across all industry sectors, from mid-size businesses to Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 organizations. We're a Microsoft Gold Partner and active members of Dynamics Communities, appearing at various online and offline events, as well as the Power Platform World Tour.

What do Microsoft Dynamics resellers say about ZAP Data Hub?

"As a Value-Added Reseller of ZAP, we’re able to offer the latest in data management and analytics technologies which help businesses organize information—no matter what the source—to produce valuable insight."

- Johnny Read, Managing Director, Village Software

Village Software

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