4 Essential KPIs D365



If you use the Projects module within D365, you’ll know the KPIs you can set within this are endless, and at times, overwhelming! Without a clear structure, you could be spending too much time reporting on irrelevant data, or worse, there could be key data that you’re missing out on.

In this webinar on demand, the ERP reporting experts at ZAP delve into the D365 Projects module and share their best practice on how to optimize the 4 essential KPIs your business should focus on: finance, time, quality and effectiveness.

Watch on demand now to learn:

  • How to define your KPIs with the help of S.M.A.R.T objectives
  • Benefits of the 4 essential KPIs to those who operate in the services industry and use D365
  • How to build an accurate “Profit and Loss” statement by project using D365, ZAP Data Hub and Power BI


  • Rohit Kanwara, EMEA Regional Manager, ZAP
  • Alexi Yannoulatos, Regional Director of Operations and Channel, ZAP

Watch the webinar on demand now