Financial Superhero II

If you've been following ZAP's regular educational webinar series, do you remember a session we held last summer called "How to Become a Financial Reporting Superhero"? It proved to be incredibly popular. In fact it turned out to be the most popular and well-attended webinar ZAP has ever run!

But that should really be no surprise - our business is dedicated to providing finance managers and CFOs with software tools to get the best possible reporting from their ERP. Not only that but to deliver it as fast as possible, and as efficiently as possible.

In this follow-up session "How to Become a Financial Reporting Superhero II: The Sequel" we set out to equip a whole new generation with all the right possible tools, tactics and methodologies.

Watch on demand now to learn how to:

  • Deliver the right report at the right time, from dashboards to analytics, statements to metrics
  • Combine financial reports with data coming in from other areas of the business
  • Deliver all of this in Power BI, or the BI tool of your choice


  • Trey Johnson, Chief Evangelist, ZAP
  • Kevin Tan, Professional Services Manager, ZAP

Watch the webinar on demand now