Make your CFO Happy


SAP Business One


Want to see people smile? Find out how to get value back from your data, fast, and present it in the tools everyone uses!

If you have invested in SAP Business One, you’ll know you are collecting data which is valuable. If you have other data sources, which you want to see alongside your ERP data, then you’re like many other companies… And if you don’t know how to make the most of all this, then make your CFO happy – watch our webinar on demand!

Maybe you’ve looked at other analytics tools or tried products that have since raised the minimum number of users, so they just no longer fit? Or maybe you simply need to see the power of your data being reported on the Microsoft Power Platform AND in Excel? If so, we look forward to spending some educational time with you and your team!

We talk about 5 points to make your CFO happy by:

  1. Describing how to source key data throughout your SAP Business One deployment
  2. Demonstrating how the integration of other data broadens the view of your business
  3. Leveraging tools for users by job function all with a consistent version of the data
  4. Increasing efficiencies around recurring processes, like Financial Close (month-end or period-end)
  5. Making sure the ability to answer questions is always part of your CFOs toolset

And in our quick Software Spotlight section, we demonstrate:

  • How to enrich your ERP data with data from other sources (e.g budget data, or data from other systems)
  • Powerful analytic techniques using Power BI to explore your SAP Business One data
  • How to incorporate Excel into your toolkit for exploring your data within SAP Business One


  • Rich Ecker, North America Pre-Sales Lead, ZAP
  • Trey Johnson, Chief Evangelist, ZAP

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