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How can you take the pain out of weekly 13-week cash re-forecasting across your group? How can you find out why actual cashflows are different to planned?

The answer is to automatically generate a currency-specific, weekly cash forecast using historical customer and supplier behaviours, and enhance this with a simple data upload of other off-system cash events, such as payroll, direct debits and VAT payments.

Many organisations struggle not only with preparing a weekly cash forecast each week, but also with unpicking what happened to cash versus plan.

In this webinar, the data management & analytics experts at ZAP – in collaboration with our implementation partner, 1TRUTH – will show you how you can transform this key finance process.

Watch on-demand now to learn how:

  • ZAP Data Hub can natively talk to many ERP systems and generate a data warehouse, cubes and full-blown BI reporting suite
  • Excel data sources can be uploaded and integrated within this environment
  • ZAP Data Hub’s Cash Forecasting module can enable 13-week cash forecasts (and their analysis versus actuals) to be done in minutes, not hours!


  • Paul Cullen, CEO, 1Truth
  • Alexi Yannoulatos, Director of Operations and Channel, ZAP

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