Master your Financial Statements with ZDH

Welcome to our monthly ZAP Data Hub workshop series! Last time, we covered the "Chart of Accounts Mapping using ZAP Data Hub".

Watch the November Workshop where our ZAP speakers Alexi Yannoulatos and David Ramirez will take you through creating reports and statements.

Financial reporting is one of the biggest challenges of any organization. It is important to deliver an accurate depiction of a company’s financial health, for it to be flexible and scalable, to provide insight, and to be able to respond to questions in an agile way.

Watch on-demand now to learn:

  • How to easily build financial statements using ZAP Data Hub, including:
    • Trial balance statements
    • Income statement dashboards
    • Balance sheet statements
  • How to customize your financial statements to meet your business needs


  • Alexi Yannoulatos, Regional Director of Operations and Channel EMEA, ZAP
  • David Ramirez, Partner Presales EMEA, ZAP

Watch the workshop on demand